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Photograhy. My name is Stephanie :) I love art and meeting new people. I have been in college for about two years now . I am crappy at video games I always lose. I love animals and now i live in a place that only lets me look but not touch. Tequila!

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And he looked at me smiled and said “Your eyes are beautiful just like mine” and I smile because we are in the dark

Fools dressed like Lords and Ladies

Do not be fooled people only show and tell what they want you to see. There is a secret person under that disguise under that layer. Just because they are at the ball does not mean they are your prince or princess. 

even better

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How is it possible to feel this away about someone who just came strolling into your life like it’s no big. I’m smiling bigger, laughing harder, and living every moment so much more! God I’m falling for someone who has only been in my life a week! What is wrong with me?

Those days.

Sometimes I wake up and the only thing not going wrong yet is rain inside the apartment.

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